Phil Melcher, Goodreads

“Rumble Road” is fun, easy read which may give the reader a new respect for the men and women’s sacrifices of comfort all in the name of entertainment.

Mikey, Goodreads

“What fans see IN the ring is nothing compared to some of the antics OUTSIDE the ring. Although my days of running the roads with wrestlers are long over, it was fun to read the stories in this book and remember things I’ve seen and done. From travel woes (how...

Al Smith, Goodreads

“This is a great concept and executed well, stories from guys that don’t usually give kayfabe interviews and stories from autobiographies that you’d never read and they’d never write.”

Tanie’s Reviews

“I really enjoyed this book. Most of the stories were good. I learned more about what goes into these matches and how the wrestlers feel about it. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I’ve often wondered what wrestlers are thinking during their matches, especially the bigger...

Pro Wrestling Smackdown

“This book is like 26 biographies in one book. Guys like Triple H, The Miz, and Randy Orton have not written a book yet, but they wrote a chapter in this book so it was like getting a preview of what their book might look like if they ever write one.”