Excited to read the first reviews of my new YA novel, Sunshine and the Full Moon. Check out what people are saying:

“Start with a small town with a dangerous secret, add a confounding mystery, and bring in a smart, imaginative and bold young girl who is determined to get to the bottom of it all and you’ve got Sunshine and the Full Moon. Jon Robinson has crafted a winning character who is all sorts of fun to hang out with as she philosophizes on everything from baseball, to boys, to werewolves as she works to unravel the deadly dilemma.”

D.J. MacHale, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

“I had a wonderful time reading Sunshine and the Full Moon. Equal parts Nancy Drew and Stephen King, I was captivated from cover-to-cover, trying to unravel the mysteries and tragedies of a small town alongside the amazing lead, lovingly realized by Robinson. This is a must-read and I cannot wait to follow the further adventures of Sunshine.”

Michael Lovan, Writer/Director of Murder Bury Win

“A smart, engaging story that gripped me immediately and kept me in its claws to the very end. Packed with great characters, authentic voices, and an abundance of humor, this heart-pounding story is a thrill to read.”

Marie Estorge, Author of In the Middle of Otherwise

“For his first novel, Robinson shows tremendous skill with a variety of pitches: He’ll throw a changeup when you expect a heater, and his curveballs are a sight to behold. In Sunshine, he has a deep and likeable franchise star who, alongside a supporting cast that plays their role wonderfully, earns Robinson his first W after coming over from non-fiction!”

Justin Leeper, Author Still Man Fights

“Jon Robinson’s Sunshine and the Full Moon is a rollicking, lighthearted ride into the unknown, rich with humor and mystery—a promising new path from one of the OGs of video game journalism.”

—Reyan Ali, Author of NBA Jam